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Today’s banks, mortgage underwriters, insurance providers, and advisory consulting firms are fighting a shrinking pool of customer base and loyalty, making it imperative for them to truly understand their customer preferences, choices, and real-life requirements.

The financial services industry can turn into an agile, social, and intelligent customer partner by embracing Simplion’s cloud-based solutions including:

  • Establish collaborative workflows unifying employees, independent advisors and clients that makes information always available, transparent, and social
  • Enable social support models: excellent experience for your social customers — whether they are requesting help from their peers or over social networks. These include online communities that can enlist customers to answer each other’s questions, including those from Twitter and Facebook. Community-based knowledge assets deflect thousands of service requests and generate enormous cost savings
  • Automate key services management workflows, all the way from Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) through Contract Management to Renewals Management. Automation brings down the cost of procurement and discovers hidden dollars lost in contracts or renewals

Leveraging a mix of Salesforce, Marketo, Chatter, and Radian 6, Simplion can deliver a powerful customer, agent, and partner solution that helps financial services industry embrace a transformative approach to customer solution innovation, loyalty management, and value enablement.

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