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The lines of separation blur as the media industry is transforming itself into a multi-touch, multi-layer entity distributing information, entertainment, and advertising to consumers.

While the front end of the business is transforming at a rapid pace, the customer relationship, back office, and other support solutions are still hinged to legacy systems that are hard-pushed to keep pace with the evolution.

Simplion can help transform your business legacy into a cloud-based technology powerhouse that can drive numerous immediate benefits:

  • Streamline and automate the opportunity to cash process
  • Reduce billing cycle times and the period close
  • Lower costs and improve cash flow
  • Eliminate manual entry, spreadsheets and complex reconciliations
  • Gain 360° visibility of accounts, agencies and campaigns
  • Improve customer service and sales effectiveness
  • Improve online advertising management information

Run Your Business in the Cloud

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