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Technology companies that sell to business, business-to-consumers or to consumers directly constantly seek out new tools that give them agility, scale, and intimacy to their prospects’ intent-to-buy.

Simplion has helped numerous technology companies attain immediate scale and agility by delivering cloud-based solutions.

Some of the key cloud solutions we have delivered for technology companies include:

  • Social collaboration: Since technology companies work seamlessly with external partners, channels, global offices, and clients, social collaboration helps the company team members collaborate in real-time, over any device, and securely with others.
  • Support solutions: Implementing social support solutions have helped technology companies create user support groups, forums, services help desk, and ticket management in real-time.
  • Marketing Automation: Building high intimacy programs and outreach campaigns, measuring and monitoring the effectiveness, and gaining new clients is driven by implementing the right marketing automation program for small, medium or large technology firms.
  • Brand Watch: We help product and services companies “listen” to the social world and understand external chatter happening about their company and brand by implementing many social listening tools.

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