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Today’s marketing function is not only tasked for outreach, but is measured on how much of engagement and attachment their actions generate. As businesses engage with customers across platforms and devices—from social networks, websites, and phones—marketing’s role has increased multi-fold, implementing and sustaining engagement models with customers across all these environments.

Simplion has helped clients implement, extend and manage marketing automation solutions built upon leading technology platform providers such as Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot , Act-On. Simplion solutions enhance key focus areas across marketing automation:

  • Targeting and segmentation based on behavior analysis derived from website click-stream data, response to email campaigns, industry, trade and event databases
  • Lead management, all the way from multichannel lead generation, lead nurturing and lead scoring, providing an effective funnel for sales enablement via CRM integration
  • Multichannel campaign management driven via workflow integration with ad servers and integration with backend accounting systems
  • Integration with CRM enabling a closed loop with sales: profiling engaged buyers, analysis of website click stream data, comprehensive lead scoring providing triggers for sales
  • Incorporate and integrate data from social media to enhance the entire lifecycle of the customer engagement model – tracking and listening to brand conversations across social media and responding effectively using an integrated interface within the CRM
  • Turnkey loyalty solutions that drive customer engagement throughout the marketing lifecycle, driving revenue performance management

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