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Growing businesses demand mature financial management systems that reach beyond core accounting. Financial analysis, budgeting & costing, tax computation and compliance, revenue planning & recognition, fixed asset management, multi-currency and multi-subsidiary transaction capabilities are some of the essential functions that are required to support this growth.

Simplion has extensive experience in implementing, customizing and integrating NetSuite financials, the leading cloud finance management software that offers global business management, smart business intelligence capabilities, real time information and advanced financials which conform to AICPA, FASB, SEC, GAAP and other directive standards.

With NetSuite, Simplion can enable organizations:

Manage Global Business

With tools like multi subsidiary-location setup, foreign exchange and currency tracking, VAT & tax reporting, real time financial and operational consolidation, inter-company transactions – we can help you setup a robust enterprise financial system.

Advanced Revenue Administration

Recognize your revenue on deliveries or project completion, track your revenue bundles and multi element sales, calculate and assess forthcoming revenue, plan revenue and billing renewals, estimate and project revenue pipeline accurately using NetSuite cloud financials.

Procure-To-Pay Automation

Enter purchase requests, setup approvals based on departments, roles, hierarchy and other custom methods with custom workflows. Manage your purchase cycles, vendor /contractor and procurement. Ongoing funds flow and cash flow along with bank reconciliations.

Demand Planning & Order Billing

With NetSuite you can calculate demand based on historical sales data and forecasts, reduce order-to-cash cycle times, implement billing cycles, renewals and schedules to perform progressive and phased billings.

Forecasting, Reporting & Analytics

NetSuite cloud financials provides you with budgeting, costing and forecasting tools to better manage your business. Track real time analytics with dashboards, portlets and alerts allows for prompt and quick access to actionable data whenever needed.

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