Continuous Delivery

Method - How We Do It

Our CD framework enables us to develop and deliver high quality software rapidly. We partner with leading technology, platform and practice leaders in software engineering to deliver a seamless Continuous Delivery architecture, enabling our clients with the ability to release new, working versions of software continuously.

Our continuous delivery framework is based on the following building blocks:

Agile Development
We embrace agile development process for transparency, early customer feedback and shorter delivery cycles. All development is test driven, and all commits are version controlled and trigger automated builds. The design, implementation, and automation of proactive acceptance test criteria lies at the heart of successful agile sprints, and lays the foundation for a Continuous Delivery framework implementation.

Version Control
To manage version control more effectively, we use Git, a distributed revision control and source code management system which supports distributed, non-linear workflows allowing us frictionless context switching, role based codelines and feature based workflow among other advantages over other version control systems.

Continuous Integration
Every commit is continuously integrated using Jenkins and its plugin architecture. Automated build / integration workflows encompass source control and build systems as well as automated unit, functional and non-functional tests. Implementing Continuous Integration in a cloud environment, we integrate Jenkins with the Salesforce migration tool for metadata migration and the Data Loader for data migration.

Continuous Deployment
Release automation provides the bridge between development and operations. It primarily establishes the gateway conditions and the process whereby deployable builds are released into pre-configured target environments. Further, release automation establishes a governance framework, ensuring audit and control, security and access control, and notification management.

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