Care Coordination

By Business Process

With the distributed cloud empowering the combined forces of social, mobile and local, we are witnessing the emergence of innovative and disruptive services delivery business models – AirBnb, OpenTable, Uber, Lyft etc.

It is our belief that similar disruptive distributed workflow enabling platforms can transform the world of care coordination in the ageing and senior space, as well. We have developed such a platform in partnership with LivWell Health.

LivWell Health is a technology-enabled, care coordination platform that assists seniors to live independently at home and for families seeking assistance in their care. We partner with senior service providers (B2B2C) to expand the markets they serve, with the goals of enhancing revenue and improving staff productivity.

Service providers in the ageing space can use the LivWell Health care coordination platform to manage, onboard and grow service providers such as transportation, home care, meals / nutrition, health and wellness, handyman, estate services, as well as provide a self-service, mobile and secure interface for older adults and their family members for convenient and ubiquitous access.

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