Salesforce Social Enterprise

Simplion harnesses the power of social collaborative tools like Chatter, Yammer, Lync and Office 365 to empower employees , partners, and customers engage in real-time, collaborate on opportunities and explore innovative dialogues across global locations—the true social enterprise.

Our Social Enterprise services include:

Social Blueprinting

We work with collaborators across business units—sales, marketing, product, engineering, customer support, and partners to identify their unique business needs for collaboration. We then create a blueprint that leverages best-of-breed solutions specific to the social enterprise initiative.

Social Collaboration Implementation

Our team brings extensive experience in rolling out a global social collaboration program that extends across business locations and beyond to include partners, customers, alumni, stakeholders, and others.

Social Integration

We help businesses seamlessly connect with the public cloud (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) and private clouds (Jive, Yammer, Chatter) to experience truly integrated social enterprise collaboration.

Social Compliance

As enterprises embrace social collaboration, it is critical that their employees understand and follow company policies. Simplion can help ensure that social enterprise collaborative tools are implemented and secured to company policies, and information remains secure—always.

Our Social Enterprise portfolio includes:

Social Intranet

We help organizations implement social intranets that help businesses deliver powerful collaborative platforms to their employees, partners, and customers. These platforms are secure engagement platform for the corporate workplace, connecting conversations, applications and content in meaningful ways, thus driving a common connected experience.

Document Collaboration

The proliferation of mobile applications is exerting continuous demand on content management systems. We design and implement collaborative business processes workflows with scalable integrations with data repositories.

Mobile Content Collaboration

Mobile content collaboration for the enterprise workspace presents unique challenges including security, relevance, search, sync, versioning etc. Simplion extends and enhances the social intranet by enabling mobile content collaboration.

Enable the Social Enterprise

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