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As the enterprise rushes to deploy service oriented, distributed applications built upon cloud, mobile and social platforms, the demand for a scalable and flexible integration architecture across data, application and business process has never been so critical.

Driven by mobile and social user experiences, it is important that all customer-facing information be well integrated with internal applications to provide a consistent and well-planed customer experience—both online and offline. The increasingly social and mobile workplace (intranet) is driving a more collaborative content management and discovery model and workflow processes that require constant access to data sources.

Our Cloud Integration approach:


The decentralized cloud consumption model requires integration occur near target applications and data sources. In this scenario, the new hub becomes the development environment, which enables organizations to develop, manage and administer all their global integrations from one central location. This challenges traditional integration architectures based on “hub and spoke” models, since forcing integration of the application traffic or “spokes” through one central “hub” does not scale.

Simplion works with organizations to integrate on-prem and cloud-based applications without totally disrupting existing environments and tossing out all legacy middleware. Our solutions take advantage of a cloud-managed integration solution that augments existing installed middleware. Then, over time, the older middleware can be replaced as those traditional integration endpoints are replaced by cloud applications.

Connector based

Connector based integrations are effective for driving seamless and deeply embedded, two-way user experiences. Simplion has extensive experience in developing custom connectors and adapters on the platform, and we can help develop a custom data integration tool for your unique business needs.

Our Cloud Integration portfolio includes:

Master Data Management (MDM)

Prior to implementing any integration solution, a consistent master data model, along with process lifecycle and a management framework needs to be in place. Our team can design and implement a robust MDM solution that can help your business create and present master data across business units—an MDM that can model, match, synchronize, cleanse, and enrich data across domains, while scaling to accommodate growth in data volume, business applications, and user demand.

Data Governance

We implement frameworks and methodologies focused on improving data quality, protecting sensitive data, promoting efficient sharing of information, providing trusted business-critical data, and managing information throughout its lifecycle. Implementation of a data governance program requires an integration framework and metrics that measure data quality. Simplion helps establish cross organization collaboration structures so that teams of people from different departments can work together, and be accountable for data quality issues.

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