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CRM helps automate and manage key components of the sales process workflow but driving efficiency and effectiveness of the sales process demands strategic solutions that extend the basic sales automation platform. We can customize and implement an incredibly robust and high-performance Sales Cloud to help the you deliver a scalable set of sales tools.

Our Sales Cloud solutions include:

Sales Performance Management

Sales performance management solutions extend the CRM, providing alignment and incentives for the sales team to achieve business targets as well as establish a metrics driven sales management framework. Simplion works with your frontline sales team and sales leaders to design and implement strategic solution components that include sales playbook design, dynamic incentive structures, and sales forecasting models, metrics that differentiate and identify successful performers in the team.

Sales Resource Optimization

Sales resource optimization assumes particular significance with large and distributed sales teams. This includes matching sales resources to strategic objectives and designing quantifiably fair and geographically optimal territories. The resource optimization methodology includes key analytical processes that include sales distribution data, customer segmentation, reach and frequency, and territory planning. Simplion implements some of these key resource optimization solutions within the Salesforce CRM environment, both building custom capabilities within the platform, as well as integrate external solutions that work seamlessly with the organizations existing sales management workflow.

Marketing Automation Integration

Marketing automation platforms are primarily structured for lead and campaign management. They must be effectively integrated with sales automation within CRM systems for successful revenue performance management. Simplion can integrate most market leading market automation platforms with the Salesforce CRM environment to complete this lifecycle solution.

ERP Integration

To enable agile customer engagement experiences it is critical that information from all customer-facing activities are fully integrated. Manual business processes are time-consuming, error-prone and often the result of disconnected systems with duplicated customer information that is not easily shared and updated. Simplion implements business process integrations between Salesforce CRM and industry standard ERP systems, enabling 360-degree view of the customer and a consistent master data management model for the enterprise.

Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) Enablement

Enabling an effective way for the sales team to manage all configurations, prices and quotes within the CRM environment substantially optimizes the Quote-to-Cash business process. Simplion can enhance CPQ capabilities native to Salesforce, as well as integrate with external cloud based CPQ platforms such as Big Machines and Apttus to address complex configurations and workflows.

Sales Team Mobility

Mobility lies at the essence of the selling process, and Simplion is adept at harnessing the power behind’s enterprise mobility platform to create purpose-driven mobile applications that empowers the sales team.

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