Social Intranet

By Business Process

Simpplr is a ground-up social intranet, built on, Salesforce1 and Chatter APIs that makes it easy to connect, communicate and collaborate with coworkers, customers and partners in the modern workplace.

Solution highlights:

  • Simpplr transforms your corporate intranet with deep integration with Salesforce Chatter, enabling powerful cross organization social workflows and collaboration
  • Simpplr socializes the company directory, recommending relevant people, files, and information for you to follow based on your activity and interests
  • HR can define and manage a scalable onboarding experience, effectively disseminating policies, procedures, organization structure (people they will be interacting with often), apps they will be working with, training content and learning systems
  • Managed internal and external groups: Establish and manage collaborative work environments for enterprise IT, sales, marketing and customer service teams, and can be extended to include external communities such as partners and customers
  • Intelligent access to business productivity and collaboration applications
  • Application launchpad enabling enterprise-wide single sign-on (SSO)

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