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Delivered world class Sales Cloud implementation with limited budget.

The client, a large telecommunication services provider with a global sales force wanted to enable world-class inside sales processes in an online buying environment. Sales agents were using a large number of Excel spreadsheets to track sales, but this was causing major reporting gaps. These gaps prevented sales leaders from having any confidence in the reported sales pipeline, hindering their ability to accurately forecast or even tally closed business.  Learn more

Our extensive Service Cloud experience paid off in a tight schedule.

The client, a large telecommunication services provider, was using another cloud based system for their customer support automation and decided to migrate to They needed a partner who had extensive experience as well as a presence in both the US and India to support their aggressive timeline. They desired a vendor who could not only complete this project but who could become a long-term value added partner.  Learn more

Simplion enables sales and marketing automation for a real estate firm.

The client, a real estate research and advisory firm, was spending too much time managing new leads, campaigns and opportunities on spreadsheets. They wanted a streamlined solution that would allow them to more efficiently manage the sales process so that their sales team could spend its time working with clients rather than managing the back office.  Learn more

Successful refactoring of App developed for venture capital firms.

The client wanted to develop a product that would enable venture capital companies to track and share data on the web. At the time, many leading venture capital companies were using simple spreadsheets to track and manage various details about funds. The client wanted to develop a product with powerful capabilities that would track cash flows, exits, projections, valuations and multi round investments, plus allow for multi-user collaboration and the ability to scale and share seamlessly.  Learn more

Simplion helps client complete App for sales training and goal tracking.

The client, a large sales coaching and training firm, came to Simplion with a partially developed app that would enable easy goal setting and tracking of salespeople being trained. These goals could be based on opportunities, leads, accounts, campaigns or other criteria and would feature the ability to easily track each item by salesperson for even very large sales organizations. The application needed to deliver quick insights for managers so that they could easily see which goals were on track, which goals were behind as well as identify additional opportunities for coaching.  Learn more

Rapid development of based product for independent software vendor.

The client, an independent software vendor, had previously developed a contract management solution on the .NET platform. They made a decision to move their solution to the cloud and selected the platform for the new solution. Their ultimate goal was to re-create the .NET solution on the cloud as an AppExchange product.  Learn more

Swift implementation of NetSuite ERP for a large telecom services provider across multiple countries.

The client, a large telecommunication services provider with subsidiaries across multiple countries, required a world class system to manage their business operations and financials which were hitherto being managed across disparate systems leading to increased reporting timeframes and synchronization arising from inadequate consolidation. An efficient, centralized organization-wide system was required to address them, and conform to global financial reporting regulations.  Learn more

Simplion helps independent software vendor develop Intellectual Property Management App

The client, an independent software vendor, offers a broad spectrum of comprehensive intellectual property management solutions and additional services for companies all over the world. They wanted to develop a very unique intellectual property management product on the platform.  Learn more

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