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Successful refactoring of App developed for venture capital firms.

The Background

The client wanted to develop a product that would enable venture capital companies to track and share data on the web. At the time, many leading venture capital companies were using simple spreadsheets to track and manage various details about funds. The client wanted to develop a product with powerful capabilities that would track cash flows, exits, projections, valuations and multi round investments, plus allow for multi-user collaboration and the ability to scale and share seamlessly.

The Challenge

Unfortunately, the client's first development partner let them down. They came to Simplion with a partially developed app that had been rejected during a security review for over 1,000 reasons.

The Simplion Solution

Simplion recommended improving the code for the app to ensure that it would pass its security review while also integrating new code to ensure that the app was capable of tracking the full lifecycle of investments.

The Result

Simplion improved the existing code and developed new code for incomplete and new features. Rich APIs were developed to integrate with external systems such as CrunchBase. Simplion's experts cleared all of the security issues and coordinated with the team to obtain security clearance enabling the client to successfully launch their app on AppExchange!

The solution that Simplion delivered is a 100% native (cloud based) app that features:

  • Detailed and precise fund management with ability to
    • Track investments
    • Project returns
    • Track proceeds at exit
    • Calculate timely valuations
  • Rich reports for management