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Simplion helps client complete App for sales training and goal tracking.

The Background

The client, a large sales coaching and training firm, came to Simplion with a partially developed app that would enable easy goal setting and tracking of salespeople being trained. These goals could be based on opportunities, leads, accounts, campaigns or other criteria and would feature the ability to easily track each item by salesperson for even very large sales organizations. The application needed to deliver quick insights for managers so that they could easily see which goals were on track, which goals were behind as well as identify additional opportunities for coaching.

The Challenge

The app was left partially developed and in a bad state by a previous development team.

The Simplion Solution

Simplion analyzed the app and recommended stabilizing the backbone features along with adding new custom-developed enhancements.

The Result

Simplion was able to stabilize the backbone features of the app to ensure responsiveness and to neutralize all bugs left by the previous development team. Simplion also custom created the necessary enhancements and added additional test cases for easy regression. In the end, Simplion was able to gain a longterm client that continues to rely on Simplion's expertise for support and continuous improvements.