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Rapid development of based product for independent software vendor.

The Background

The client, an independent software vendor, had previously developed a contract management solution on the .NET platform. They made a decision to move their solution to the cloud and selected the platform for the new solution. Their ultimate goal was to re-create the .NET solution on the cloud as an AppExchange product.

The Challenge

All of the functionalities that were present in the existing .NET solution needed to be replicated on the platform. Reporting, approval and work flow were very complex and contained many external API calls which all needed to be redeveloped to work in the new system.

The Simplion Solution

Simplion worked with the client to thoroughly understand their requirements and then designed an architectural blueprint to replicate the legacy .NET solution, coordinate the security review and help the client launch on AppExchange.

The Result

In just four months the Simplion team was able to develop a based solution that was very similar to their legacy .NET solution -- but with enhanced features and control! Additionally, the Simplion solution includes:

  • Better control over the life cycle of the contract management process
  • Automated stage transition (and notifications) of the contracts based on the setup work flows and approvals
  • Visibility of contracts based on their value, type and stage