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Simplion helps independent software vendor develop Intellectual Property Management App

The Background

The client, an independent software vendor, offers a broad spectrum of comprehensive intellectual property management solutions and additional services for companies all over the world. They wanted to develop a very unique intellectual property management product on the platform.

The Challenge

In addition to managing intellectual property, the client wanted to synchronize their data with the European Patent Office using Open Patent Services.

The Simplion Solution

After a thorough review, Simplion proposed a native app built with a strong integration with Open Patent Services that would allow for easy on-boarding of new users.

The Result

Simplion was able to deliver precisely what the client needed -- from scratch -- in just four months. Strong integration with the Open Patent Services protocol enables users to import and syncs all intellectual property of interest -- whether their own or a competitor's -- in just a few clicks. The solution features:

  • Comprehensive IP management solution for companies of all size
  • Seamless integration with EPO by leveraging OPS web services APIs
  • Reports and dashboard for easy data visualization